I got my own domain!

This is the very first time I got my own domain. I have never bought one before, mostly because I don’t feel comfortable with the all info in the WHOIS register. I’ve bought one from namesilo and I’ve got a WHOIS privacy guard included – the WHOIS registry has a see PrivacyGuardian.org as its registrant/admin/billing/tech, but if you really want, you can send email… that will probably end up in black hole of spam. I have sent email to the address in WHOIS registry and I have also used a form at the PrivacyGuradian webpage, not sure where it will turn up.

Update: I’ve got the email from the form on the PrivacyGuard page(my contact email from namesilo), but not from the WHOIS db.

I have no illusions about level of privacy granted by this arrangement, but a relative told me about one of her clients who was inpersonated by someone else (=a case of identity theft). It was not pretty and the bureaucracy took a while to stop. It required some time, effort, money and a lawyer. The less info is freely laying around the better.

Privacy Guard has some side-effects, the most glaring one is that who is in the WHOIS register is the domain owner. When one registrar went under, there were serious trouble with domain ownership.

I am running a WordPress, and while I am only scrating surface, it is quite troublesome to write a code snippets in the editor.

I have installed following plugins that alleviated my trouble:

  • Prettify Code SyntaxPrettify GC Syntax Highlighter – The GC Syntax highlighter has a noquote class that makes switching between text and visual mode much easier (the PCS always escapes < and >, thus when user switches from text to visual, the elements like <some-tag> disappear).
  • Tab Override
  • Visual Editor Custom Buttons